Why choose Fast Fix Fencing Gravesend?

Welcome to Fast Fix Fencing Gravesend, your local and dependable fencing contractor serving both residential and commercial clients throughout Gravesend and the surrounding areas of Kent. We pride ourselves on offering a first-class fencing installation and repair service and will ensure that all your fence needs are swiftly met.

With every project we undertake, we always ensure we offer the following:

  • Transparent and honest advice
  • Competitive prices on a like-for-like basis
  • The best possible standard of workmanship
  • A service you can rely on.

Below are the services we offer; please feel free to check them out and see why we are becoming known as the ‘go-to’ fencing contractors in Gravesend and the surroundings. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime for further assistance or to schedule your FREE quotation.

Our Fencing Services

Post & Rail Fencing

Post and Rail is a simple fencing solution, offering a traditional style of vertical fence posts with horizontal rails. Very commonly used in the countryside to mark boundaries and to contain animals.

Wood Fence Panels

A common fencing solution in residential gardens. Fence panels are pre-constructed and installed in-between posts at each end of the panel, making them a perfect solution for privacy & aesthetic appeal.

Feather Edge Fencing

Feather edge fences are designed with overlapping vertical boards that gradually taper; they are installed with a 40-50mm overlap; and are a perfect solution for many property owners.

Picket Fencing

A picket fence is constructed with a horizontal rail, and then wooden picket pales attached vertically with even spacing. This is a low-level fence commonly used in gardens.

Driveway Gates

Wooden driveway gates offer privacy and security for your property. Our Wooden gates can be installed as a standalone product or combined with new fencing.

Fence Repairs

From a fence that has become damaged due to adverse weather or requires general remedial work, we can help. We carry out all fence repairs to a very high standard.

Stock Fencing

Stock fencing is constructed with posts and wire mesh and is commonly used to contain livestock. It’s a strong, robust and cost-effective solution for various uses.

Acoustic Fencing

An acoustic wood fence is specifically designed to help reduce noise transmission, providing sound insulation and privacy. Perfect in built-up or noisy areas.

Bespoke Custom Fence

If you have a specific fencing requirement, then we can help. We can design and install bespoke fencing solutions to meet all your needs.


About us

At Fast Fix Fencing Gravesend, we are committed to delivering a service our clients will be delighted with. From your initial contact to job completion, we will always ensure we exceed our client’s expectations. Our operatives have decades of experience, so you can be confident that you’re in safe hands. Whether you require a complete new fence around the perimeter of your land or even just a simple repair, you will receive the same care and attention to detail with all works we undertake. When looking for the best fencing contractor in Gravesend and the surrounding areas of Kent, then please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime and schedule a FREE site survey. You can also find out more about us here.

Check out some photos of previous fences installed by Fast Fix Fencing Gravesend
This is a photo of feather edge fencing installed around the edge of a field by Fast Fix Fencing Gravesend
This is a photo of Bespoke custom fencing installed by Fast Fix Fencing Gravesend
This is a photo of stock fencing installed by Fast Fix Fencing Gravesend
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